Jezikovne zagate: Spoznajmo angleške enakozvočnice!


so besede, katerih izgovorjava je praktično enaka, se pa drugače zapišejo in imajo povsem različen pomen.

Po vsej verjetnosti ste že opazili, koliko angleških besed pravzaprav zveni ZELO zelo podobno. Enakozvočnice so v angleščini zares pogoste! Lingvisti pravijo, da jih je okrog 150, nekateri jih navajajo celo preko 400. Razlika v številki se pojavlja predvsem zaradi razlik v izgovorjavi.

Zbrali smo nekaj tistih najbolj pogostih. 😉

1. ate, eight
  • ate an entire pizza and now I’m really full and tired.
  • Charles will wake up at eight o’clock tomorrow morning.
2. bare, bear
  • Tom likes to walk around his house in bare feet. 
  • When you go camping, you should be careful not to leave any food in your tent. It could attract a bear.
3. buy, bye
  • Do you think you could buy me lunch and I’ll pay you back tomorrow?
  • I’ve got to go now, so bye! See you on Sunday!
4. cell, sell
  • cell is the smallest unit of life.
  • We would like to sell our car, but we don’t think we’d get very much money for it.
5. dew, due
  • When I went outside early in the morning, the dew on the grass made my shoes wet.
  • This assignment is due in October.
6. eye, I
  • My left eye hurts when I stare at the screen for too long. I need to get it checked.
  • I really hope you know what this word means.

7. fairy, ferry
  • There is a fairy named Tinkerbell in the story “Peter Pan.”
  • The ferry in Costa Rica is really hot and incredibly badly organized. Too bad.
8. flour, flower
  • Tony wanted to make a cake, but he didn’t have any flour, so he couldn’t.
  • I swear I found the most beautiful flower!
9. hear, here
  • Can you set the boxes down over here please? Yes, right here next to the door.
10. hour, our
  • It takes about an hour to get from Ljubljana to Koper.
  • We should study for our exams. 
11. know, no
  • You don’t know French, stop fooling yourself. 
  • There is no good reason to go on with this. Let’s leave it be.
12. knight, night
  • The knight swore an oath of allegiance to the king
  • I prefer to work at night, since it’s quieter and not as hot
13. mail, male
  • I haven’t gotten the mail yet today, but I was expecting a letter from grandma. 
  • People always ask if our cat is pregnant. I tell them he can’t be, since he’s a male. He’s just fat.
14. marry, merry
  • My grandpa told me to be sure to marry a good woman.
  • “Be always as merry as ever you can, for no-one delights in a sorrowful man.”
15. pair, pear
  • I can’t find my favourite pair of shoes! It’s driving me mad.
  • I wanted to buy a pear for my fruit salad, but they only had winter pears. I don’t like those…
17. sight, site, cite
  • Blind people can’t see. They have no sight.
  • There’s an awesome site next to my grandmothers house.
  • Don’t forget to cite your sources.
18. son, sun
  • Grandma and grandpa only had one son and three daughters!
  • Don’t look directly at the sun, or you’ll damage your eyes. You may even lose your eyesight!
19. their, there, they’re
  • We should study for our English exam, and they should study for their German exam.
  • Who is that over there? Is that Jane? 
  • The children all passed their exams, so they’re very happy!
20. wait, weight
  • It was snowing a lot, so the bus came late. I had to wait in the cold for 20 minutes.
  • Every year around Christmas, many people gain a lot of weight, because they eat lots of food but don’t exercise.
21. wear, where
  • Why don’t u ever wear a tie? It looks so nice on you!
  • Where should we meet for dinner? Personally, I’d like to meet at the new Chinese restaurant in town.
22. meat, meet
  • I don’t eat meat. Mostly for ethical and environmental reasons. 
  • I’m excited to travel to England so I can meet some new people!

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