Slovene course for beginners

The Slovene course for beginners at the A1 level accoording to Common European Frameworkof Reference is intended for all those who encounter the language for the first time or those who would like to systematically upgrade their basic knowledge.

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Location and schedule

Slovene course for beginners will take place at Valjhunova ulica 11, Ljubljana

every Tuesday and Thursday at 18.00.

During the Slovene language course sessions, you will mainly develop your communication skills and learn grammar and vocabulary through life situations, fun activities and role-playing. As part of the introductory Slovene language course at the A1 level, you will learn basic vocabulary, phrases, conjugation of verbs, personal pronouns, modal verbs and pronouns.

The course we will be focused on :

  • introduction/greetings
  • familly
  • numbers
  • weather
  • hobbies
  • professions
  • colors and shapes


At the end of the course you will master various polite phrases for introducing and greeting on various occasions. You will learn how to properly conjugate verbs and use personal pronouns when talking about leisure activities, shopping, or ordering food and drink.

Group courses pricing

Only at Jezikovna Akademija language school can you enroll at any time during the year, choose the length of the course yourself and pay for the course monthly. You can sign up for just one month, renew your subscription every month and cancel the language course whenever it suits you, or choose to subscribe for several months to save up to 25%.

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3 months




6 months




How are language courses conducted?

At the group Slovene course lessons, you will mainly develop your communication skills, and you will learn grammar and vocabulary through pracitcal situations, fun activities and role play. 

Once a week

The conversation course takes place once a week for the duration of 2 teaching hours under the guidance of experienced lecturers.

Diverse materials

All materials, both printed and online, are already included in the price, at no extra charge.

Interesting topics

The course covers a variety of interesting topics for relaxed communication and a dynamic atmosphere.

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